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Executive Summary


CARE Vanuatu has been implementing disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) projects in Vanuatu and has taken past learning and integrated into the the Resilience Program in Tafea Province. CARE Vanuatu promotes gender equality and supports women’s meaningful participation and leadership at community and provincial levels in various ways, in particular through the Community Disaster and Climate Change Committees (CDCCC) and Provincial Disaster Committees. CARE feels that it is essential that women and girls participate equally in resilience program activities and that their capacities and contribution to community resilience is realized and celebrated by the community.

The main purpose of the gender analysis was to collect and analyse data from selected communities in Tafea Province in order to have a better understanding of the varying gender dynamics and socio-cultural contexts that can affect community resilience. It aims to identify areas of progress related to gender equity and the empowerment of women and girls and contributing factors to this success, as well as some of the underlying reasons for continued gender inequalities that can negatively impact a community’s ability to respond to disasters and climate change.

The findings from the study are expected to assist CARE Vanuatu target and adapt gender and women and girls empowerment activities to the context of individual communities and islands of Tafea Province in order to build on and improve the gender equality impacts of CARE’s programs.