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Disaster Risk Reduction together with the management of disasters and adaptation to and mitigation of Climate is a dynamic process. In order to adequately respond to disasters, there must be a comprehensive and coordinated approach between national, provincial and community levels. This plan has been developed to provide guidelines on how to manage different risks in the province, taking into account the effects of the climate change that increase the strength of the hazard and potential impacts of future disasters.

This is the first booklet on Provincial Disaster Response & Climate Change management plan that was developed to address and provide guidelines on how to manage different hazards in the province.

This Provincial Disaster & Climate Change Management Plan provides directive to all agencies on the conduct of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency operations. This management plan has been formulated in compliance with Section 9 Part 3 of National Disaster Act N0.31 of 2000 Section 11 subsection 5, and aligned with the National Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction Policy 2015-2030, Section 7.1.4. (Annex 1). The planning approach contained within focuses on a comprehensive hazard and disaster management strategy which clearly identifies and documents the essential organizational and procedural ingredients for effective prevention of, response to and recovery from disasters.

The effectiveness of this document will depend on the ability of organizations and departments to understand its components, and also implement actions in accordance with the procedures listed and assigned disaster roles and responsibilities within their means of resources when need be. The affected communities are expected to produce supporting Community Disaster and Climate Change management plans in accordance with the Provincial Disaster and Climate Change Management plan.

This document is subject to review based on experience of hazards and lesson learned from managing all hazards including those associated with Climate Change.

This plan is valid for 5 years from the date of approval by the Director of the National Disaster Management Office and the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department. The documents annexed to the Provincial Disaster Response and Climate Change Management Plan (PDRCCM) should be updated every year.