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Vanuatu: Maternity Protection – 2011


Right to nursing breaks

An employer shall allow a woman employee who is nursing a child 1 hour twice a day during her working hours for this purpose, until the child reaches the age of 24 months.

Employment Act (as amended up to 2010) §36

Remuneration of nursing breaks

The two daily nursing breaks shall be counted as working hours and shall be remunerated accordingly.

Employment Act (as amended up to 2010) §36

Nursing facilities

Where an employee is required to work in a building, the employer shall, where necessary, provide and maintain adequate arrangements for the nursing of children of employees at or near the place of work, so far as it shall be practicable in the circumstances of the undertaking.

Employment Act (as amended up to 2010) §13(d)

Transfer to another post

No relevant provisions identified.