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Executive Summary


This report presents research findings from the Vanuatu component of a global research project which seeks to identify ways of strengthening collaboration between humanitarian actors and women-led groups, networks and organisations in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of protection programming.

Key Informant Interviews were carried out with a range of stakeholders in Vanuatu in April 2018, in addition to Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with individual women, women leaders, groups and networks in Santo, Aniwa and Tanna. In addition to informing the global research report, due to be published in summer 2018, three key themes were identified which present potential avenues for further engagement with women-led organisations, groups and networks in Vanuatu. Recommendations under each theme are targeted at Gender and Protection Cluster members in Vanuatu, and are detailed in full in the body of the report. In addition several other key findings and recommendations are outlined, which includes recommendations specific for CARE International in Vanuatu.