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Famili I Redi is a predeparture workshop to help labour migrants and their families maximize the
socio-economic benefits of labour mobility while addressing the negative social impacts.
In a 5-day workshop, we support migrants and their families through facilitator-based sessions to understand and answer
important questions like:
■ What to expect from seasonal work?
■ How to make good choices and handle stressful situations?
■ How to maintain good health and nutrition, including COVID-19 prevention?
■ How to maintain healthy, communicative and violence-free family
relationships while separated?
■ How to understand exchange rates, save money and send remittances?
■ How families can families work together to make a goal and budget together?
Famili I Redi provides holistic tools, skills and strategies for labour migrants and their families, including modules
on what to expect from overseas work, healthy relationships, family separation, nutrition, gender-based violence
(GBV) prevention and family financial management, which encompasses budgeting, saving, understanding
exchange rates, remittance transfers and entrepreneurship upon return to facilitate reintegration in Vanuatu.

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