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The Futuna Gendered Market Chain Analysis a coordinated research project co-funded though the DFAT supported Leftemap Sister Program and PACAM supported Yumi Redi Program.

CARE International in Vanuatu’s Leftemap Sista Project tackles underlying causes of gender inequality within Vanuatu society. CARE in Vanuatu works closely with governments and civil society partners to promote women’s and girls’ leadership, skills development and economic empowerment.

This assessment was commissioned under the project’s outcome 2: Increased capacity of Women’s Economic and Livelihood (WEL) groups to advocate for their own economic and livelihood needs. The project component on economic empowerment links women with economic opportunities and markets and providing and brokering support to women’s livelihood groups. This gendered assessment of the Futuna Market, its industries, opportunities and challenges aims to identify the current key markets for women, opportunities which are, or could be available to women as a livelihood. The report also aims to inform CARE programming in Futuna and to support market players in the development of products and services to meet market needs.

In economies such as Vanuatu where a high parentage of the population engage in farming, either for subsistence or for livelihoods, the link between food security and livelihood is strong. In Tafea 85% of the population are subsistence farmers. In CARE’s resilience ‘Yu Mi Redi’ program there is a strong focus on resilience through agricultural practices. The potential for generating livelihood opportunities by selling excess produce highlighted the need to have a better understanding of the local market.

This assessment analyses the Futuna market as a whole, with a gendered lens which allows roles and responsibilities of men and women in livelihood activities to be taken into consideration. This Market assessment was completed to identify key markets which could then lead on to a detailed market chain analysis on a specific market chain or industry.