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Across the Pacific, some obstacles in the investment climate such as
a prevailing culture of informality among female entrepreneurs, unequal access to property, credit,
justice, women’s lack of experience, and comfort with formal business processes such as business and
license registration, have a disproportionately greater adverse impact on women. These constraints
hinder women from contributing more to their country’s growth and development. Further, overly
cumbersome regulations can unintentionally hurt women, young, and low skilled workers more than
others and raise the risk of excluding them from doing business, due to a lack of education and lack
of confidence to deal with government authorities and financial institutions. Women are less able
to lobby government to have cumbersome regulations reduced, in part because female political
representation in the Pacific is among the lowest in the world. Removing such obstacles can help not
only to empower women but also to unlock the full economic potential of Pacific nations.


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