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In response to persistent challenges of gender inequality in Vanuatu, the government introduced a National Gender Equality Policy (NGEP) in 2016. The policy lapsed in 2019, and a second phase (NGEP 2) will be implemented for the period 2020–2024.

The aim of this research is to identify key factors contributing to successes or challenges in implementing the first phase of the policy by exploring the experiences, insights, and perspectives of individuals working on gender in Vanuatu. Insights on these factors can help inform and support the implementation of the NGEP 2, as well as gender work in Vanuatu more broadly. A specific focus within the research is to investigate perspectives on the inclusion of LGBTQI+ communities within the policy and in related work. Findings are based on key informant interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs) conducted in Vanuatu in February and March 2020.


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