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These resources have been developed and produced by Uniting World as a response to learning from
partner Churches in the Pacific, especially from women’s fellowship organisations.

Often in Christian communities the socially and culturally assigned gender roles are reinforced by interpretations of biblical theology. Traditionally these interpretations place men as the natural and rightful leaders, decision-makers and heads of the household and determine that women are to be submissive and subordinate. This is often the experience within the home, the Church and the wider community in the Pacific and around the world. Sadly, gender- based violence, violence against women and children, and domestic violence are too frequently the outplaying reality of such unequal gender roles and relationships.

Uniting World acknowledges with gratitude the wisdom of those from their church partners who have

directed and informed the production of these resources; Uniting World’s Pacific Team who have worked

together to develop this holistic approach to transformative change; and Australian Aid who are providing

funding support to aspects of the Partnering Women For Change (PW4C) Program through which these resources will be delivered.


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