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This document draws on global guidance and provides a summary of key operational
considerations for using remote support (e.g. telehealth) to maintain mental health services
during COVID-19 response.

Recommendations have been made for the use of telehealth services during restrictions in a COVID-19 response, such as lockdown or restriction in movement, to support and enhance existing health
service delivery. Telehealth hotlines can support the identification and management of MHPSS needs
during COVID-19. An increase in need for mental health services has been seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating that it is essential to ensure that telehealth hotlines are equipped to
support MHPSS.

This guidance focuses on steps needed to incorporate MHPSS into existing telehealth services:
(1) Establish an internal referral system for MHPSS needs.
(2) Identify teleworker MHPSS focal points.
(3) Provide MHPSS training.
(4) Implement the incorporated MHPSS service.