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Application of the Criminal Law


1. Offences within Republic

2. Offences partly or wholly abroad

3. Complicity and attempts

4. Offences abroad

5. International offences


Principles of Criminal Law

6. Criminal intent, recklessness

7. Consent as a defence

8. General rule as to burden of proof

9. Burden of proof in certain cases

10. Discharge of burden of proof by accused

11. Ignorance of law or fact

12. Mistake of fact, reasonable belief


Principles of Criminal Proceedings

13. Unfitness to plead

14. Rights of accused at trial

15. Limitation in criminal prosecutions


Criminal Responsibility

16. Punishment and responsibility

17. Age of responsibility

18. Liability of corporations

19. No vicarious liability

20. Insanity

21. Voluntary intoxication

22. Superior orders

23. Self-defence necessity, prevention of offences etc.
24. Effect of diminished responsibility

25. Failure of plea of insanity


Diminution of Responsibility

26. Compulsion and coercion

27. Provocation


Attempts and Conspiracy

28. Attempts

29. Conspiracy


Participation in Criminal Offences

30. Complicity

31. Co-offenders

32. Punishment of accomplices and co-offenders

33. Foreseeable consequences

34. Accessory after the fact

35. Inciting and soliciting commission of offence

36. Commencement of sentence

37. Calculation of sentence

38. Imprisonment of minors

39. Concurrent sentences the rule

40. Consecutive sentences

41. Custody pending trial or appeal

42. Power of court to order offender to come up for sentence if called upon

43. Power of court to discharge offender without conviction or sentence

44. Nature of periodic detention

45. Probation

46. Nature of probation

47. General conditions of probation

48. Special conditions of probation

49. Duties of probation officer

50. Breach of conditions

51. Fine

52. Imprisonment in default of payment of fine

53. Confiscation of property

54. Restitution of property

55. Addict or partially insane person

56. Review of confinement

57. Rehabilitation

58. Lapse of time



Offences against Public Order

59. Treason

60. Inciting to mutiny

61. Communicating secrets

62. Sabotage

63. Seditious offences defined

64. Seditious conspiracy

65. Seditious statements

66. Seditious publications

67. Restrictions on prosecution for seditious offences

68. Unlawful assembly and riot defined

69. Unlawful assembly

70. Riot

71. Forcible entry

72. Forcible detainer

73. Corruption and bribery of officials

73A. Obstructing police officer



73B. Interpretation

73C. Terrorist act

73D. Terrorist act an offence


Misleading Justice

74. Perjury defined

75. Offence of perjury

76. False statements etc.

77. Fabricating evidence

78. Destroying evidence

79. Conspiracy to defeat justice etc.

80. False statements by interpreters

81. Deceiving witnesses

82. Offences relating to judicial proceedings


Escapes and Rescues

83. Rescue

84. Escape

85. Aiding prisoners to escape

85A. Harbouring or assisting a prisoner

86. Removal of property under lawful seizure

87. Obstructing court officers


Offences relating to Religion

88. Insult to religion of any class

89. Disturbing religious assemblies


Offences against Morality

90. Rape defined

91. Punishment of rape

92. Abduction

93. Indecent matter

94. Indecent act in public place

95. Incest

96. Sexual intercourse with child under care or protection

97. Unlawful sexual intercourse

97A. Aggravated sexual assault with a child

98. Indecent assault

99. Homosexual acts

100. Gross indecency

101. Prostitution

101A. Definitions of “act of child prostitution” and “child”

101B. Promoting or engaging in acts of child prostitution

101C. Obtaining benefit from child prostitution

101D. Children not to be used for pornographic purposes


Offences against the Person

102. Slavery

103. Abandonment of incapable persons

104. Duty to provide the necessaries of life

105. Kidnapping

106. Intentional homicide

107. Intentional assault

108. Unintentional harm

109. Causing death defined

110. When child deemed to be a person

111. Limitation as to time of death

112. Killing by influence on the mind

113. Killing unborn child

114. Criminal nuisance

115. Threats to kill person

116. Aiding suicide

117. Abortion

118. False imprisonment

119. Endangering transport


Offences against Reputation

120. Criminal defamation

121. Abusive or threatening language


Offences against Property

122. Theft defined

123. Misappropriation defined

124. Obtaining property by false pretences defined

125. Prohibition of theft, misappropriation and false pretences

126. Offences resembling theft

127. Obtaining credit fraudulently

128. Fraud by trustee

129. False statement by promoter

130. False accounting

130A. Valueless cheques

130B. Obtaining money, etc., by deception

130C. Obtaining money, etc., by false or misleading statements

131. Receiving property dishonestly obtained

132. Demanding money etc. with menaces

133. Malicious damage to property

134. Arson

135. Wrecking

136. Maltreatment of animals, birds or fish

137. Robbery

138. Extortion

139. Forgery defined

140. Prohibition of forgery

141. Uttering forged documents

142. Counterfeit currency

143. Unlawfully entering dwelling house

144. Criminal trespass

145. Piracy

146. Hijacking of aircraft


Offences against Public Interest

147. Obscene publications

147A. Possession of child pornography

147B. Publishing child pornography

148. Idle and disorderly

149. Unlawful carriage of weapons by night

150. Unlawful discrimination 151. Witchcraft