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Purpose of the Paper


This paper is written to support ongoing work in Vanuatu that strives to prevent violence against women and girls by synthesising the literature on effective and promising primary prevention strategies. The paper is the product of a rapid, desk-based review of this literature and is intended to be a starting point for more in-depth conversations and analysis about violence prevention. It identifies and summarises promising and effective primary prevention approaches and offers a wide variety of case studies to explore the practical application and results of these approaches. The selection of case studies was based on the volume of information available about the program, and as such there are likely some promising and effective programs that have not been included due the absence of publicly available information. Rather than providing an exhaustive list of primary prevention programs, this paper aims to provide a snapshot of the breadth of primary prevention work taking place in Vanuatu and the Pacific. The paper concludes with evidence-based recommendations for the prevention of violence against women and girls in Vanuatu.