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Roles and Responsibilities CDC’s

Identified hazards or any changes to your community in relation to weather which present significant risk to the community;  

Identify resources available to community members i.e. transport (Truck, roads), tools, seed stock, water containers, etc…; 

Assist other organisations such as the NGO’s with disaster and climate changes related work/activities.  

Advocate and mainstream DRR and CC within the community 

Develop a preparedness and climate change plan for the community involving chiefs and community leaders 

Assist in providing climate change information through the community 

As required collection of data information on statistics .i.e. cropping calendar 

CDC member to participate in school safety committee 

Identify hazard & CC priorities 

Maintain and manage resources donated to the community 

Develop CBDRR (Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Plan)  

Develop CRP (Community Response Plan):  

 Organise meetings regularly to update the community and make any changes to the contacts if nursery 

  • Plans for warning/alerting community members of impended hazard  
  •  (including natural signs for hazard);  

Advise community leaders on evacuation routes to safer areas 

 Undertake appropriate actions the initial community assessment after an impact of hazard or extreme event 

Assist Rapid Technical Assessment Team during assessments  

Assist Vulnerability Assessments 

Assist with the vulnerable members (the elderly, pregnant women disable People, the sick and children) of the community to go to safe areas  

 As needed assist with the distribution of relief supplies to households 

Assist with preparation, response and recovery work and particularly with the vulnerable members of the community  

Advise community to ‘build back better while considering the hazard extreme events