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CARE Vanuatu’s Tafea Food Security and Livelihoods Recovery and Resilience Project is focused on re-establishing household food production and agriculture-based livelihoods for women and men. In partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Tafea Province, VARTC, local and international NGOs, and Rural Training Centre’s (RTCs), the Project seeks to ensure that women farmers in particular, due to their key role in food production, have the information necessary to plan for their recovery and resilience in food production and income generation. 

This situation analysis was commissioned under the Project’s Objective 3: Revaluate key food and agriculture market chains to ensure farmers have up-to-date information regarding supply and timeline for recovery of key food market chains. Originally intended as a gendered market chain analysis,  this analysis was condensed due to the  short  period  of time  available  and included as part of the Terms of Reference for a Gender in Emergency Recovery Consultancy (see Annex 1). The analysis produces a summary of key issues affecting regarding food security and livelihoods, identifies opportunities for CARE  to explore and/or build upon, and makes recommendations in accordance with the three levels of the CARE Women’s Empowerment Framework (WEF) for the direction of both of CARE Vanuatu’s programmers – Resilience, and Women and Girls’ Empowerment.