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This booklet is designed first, to serve as an informational guide to expand our understanding of our Pacific brothers and sisters of diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression and Identity (SOGIE). It offers an introduction to SOGIE – what it means and how to better understand SOGIE diverse people.

It also provides explanations of terminology and definitions, along with a discussion of human rights, human rights law, and the meaning of SOGIE inclusion from a human rights-based perspective. Second, the booklet offers information for families and communities, that can help to make them more supportive, inclusive, and safe for their SOGIE members.

Third, it offers targeted, best practices information designed to assist those that are responsible for providing quality health, education, and justice services to all members of our society. Finally, the booklet provides a basis for policy advocacy for SOGIE people.

In addition to factual information, the booklet provides stories and case experiences from the SOGIE community, to help those reading the booklet to develop the kind of understanding, empathy and compassion that comes from truly seeing other people as we see ourselves.


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