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This guide is grounded in experiences of Gender Equality Theology training that has been run in Fiji and
Vanuatu. Delivered in March and September 2016, these trainings were organised and supported by
local church partners and targeted key church leaders and Christian Educators. In both cases, training
was facilitated by Rev Dr Cliff Bird and Siera Bird.

The following modules are designed to equip you to run Gender Equality Theology training for the
church leaders and congregation members in your local area. One foundational element of the Gender Equality Theology training is the framework paper titled Human Dignity and Gender Equality from a Biblical-Theological Perspective

Other key resources are Rev Dr Cliff Bird’s academic paper on The Theology of Human Rights and
Responsibilities, and the six-volume Bible study series that discuss God’s Vision for Human Relationships. (Volume 1 and Volume 2 are in the Sista Library)


Find manual here: Training Manual: Gender Equality Theology